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Our Practice Areas
"An Independent Firm with a Personal Approach"
Business Law

Legal and financial security are an on-going requirement for corporate leaders in the business world.
We advise you at every stage of your business. Our firm can advise you on projects related to incorporation, as well as the company law aspects of your business affairs.
Our firm assists you in choosing the legal form best suited for your company. We can provide you advice on a broad range of matters including the sale of your business or company, the sale of shares and investment interests, as well as advice on tax considerations.

Business Law
Liability and Insurance Law

The course of business always involves taking out an insurance policy in accordance with the Insurance Code (Code des Assurances). This is why our firm is there to assist you in disputes related to this area. Insurance litigation is frequently related to contractual and criminal liability claims associated with insurance contracts and physical damage insurance covering company assets and professional civil liability. Regarding personal insurance, we advise on individual and collective insurance, insurance litigation and appraisals.

Insurance Law
Labour Law
Labor Law

The Firm provides you advisory and litigation support on all issues related to labor law, including:
Negotiating and drafting work contracts with specific clauses such as a non-competition, confidentiality and mobility clauses;
Different types of redundancies;
Various disputes such as disputes related to the non-payment of premiums, moral harassment, disciplinary sanctions, and issues related to the right to strike.

Banking Law

In the banking sector in particular, our Firm is involved in providing advice to banks and in litigation.
Bank/Client relationships and financial services.
Payment security, negotiating credit and warranties agreements. Loan disputes, particularly consumer loans.
Factoring contract, banker’s liability, accounts opening and administration, professional privacy, banking information, duty to provide information and advice, liability caused by bank clerks, faulty credit issuance, wrongful credit termination.

We are also involved in debt recovery and monitoring the enforcement of bank guarantees.

We can advise or defend you in litigation involving security interests that guarantee the course of business and related obligations: deposits, collateral, pledges, mortgages, and applying these guarantees in connection with debt recovery.

Companies in both the public and private sectors monitor the ordinary and quick recovery of receivables in order not to jeopardize their business longevity.


 This is why the Firm provides services in:

  • Consensual debt recovery

  • Court-ordered debt recovery

  • Follow-up on the enforcement of judgments

  • Putting safeguard arrangements in place

Banking Law
Financing and Public Procurement

The firm is involved in various areas of public business law, including the negotiation, drafting, financing and litigation of public contracts and public-private partnerships. Our clients include public authorities such as companies, financial institutions and governments, and we are regularly appointed as local counsel for a number of leading international law firms.

In particular, a number of international financial institutions and their advisors seek our support in the area of public procurement and financing techniques associated with infrastructure, civil engineering and major public works projects.

Their projects in Benin and internationally require taking into account from the outset all the legal, economic, social, contractual and institutional, but also technical and financial issues. Our clients benefit from our expertise of international financial markets standards and their compatibility with OHADA law and Beninese law.


We cover a broad range of financing transactions for an international client base of lenders and borrowers. We are particularly involved in project financing and public-private partnerships in the energy, transport and telecommunications sectors.

Public Bunisess Law
Commercial Law

The Firm handles all disputes related to concluding and executing commercial contracts. We are also involved in negotiating and drafting such contracts.
We can also provide you advice and assistance in the following areas:
– OHADA Law/International Arbitration
– Preventing white-collar crime (breach of trust, fraud, bankruptcy, money laundering, etc.)
– Competition and Distribution Law
– Advice to companies in different areas in relation to various contracts
– Civil, commercial, criminal and administrative litigation

Commercial Law
Maritime Law

The Firm is involved in maritime disputes related to sea transportation. The Firm is particularly involved in advising and defending the interests of shipping companies and their insurance companies with regard to maritime law. The Firm is generally involved either when the liability of the transporter is brought into question (for example, in the event of damages or late delivery, destroyed goods or stolen shipment) or in recovering unpaid invoices, either in the event of seizure or release of goods from seizure.

The Firm also defends the interests of companies and individuals who have suffered damages caused by the shipping of their goods entrusted to a designated transporter (or to a sub-contractor), the purchase, resale and maintenance of vessels and maritime incidents

Maritime Law
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