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About our Firm

About the Firm

HK Avocats & Associés was founded by Luciano Hounkponou and Wilfred Kounou, the latter having tragically passed away in a traffic accident in 2019. The team has consistently grown with the arrivals of new lawyers, including one partner in 2019, and is extremely eager to pursue the firm's growth with the drive and spirit in line with its founding partners.

The complex issues we advise on coupled with our clients’ broad range of business sectors requires us to be able to identify and apply the extensive know-how and experience we have acquired to each matter.

HK &Associés is one of the rare firms that brings together experience, open-mindedness, innovation, proactivity, and a contemporary approach to best serve its clients. Our firm includes lawyers who have academic backgrounds and are expert consultants to the United Nations. In addition, we are committed to our future in the recruitment of new and talented lawyers whose diverse backgrounds allow HK & Associés to further develop its regional and international outlook.

"A Talented and Sought-After Firm
with an International Outlook"
Independent Firm

The advantage of a smaller firm is the ability to form personalized relationships with clients who are desirous to have a single contact person and work with their lawyer without encountering unwelcome formality.


Conscious of the unique position we have with clients and the responsibility we undertake when representing clients in court, we greatly value our freedom to reflect and act accordingly. Our approach is straight-forward and objective. We are supported by a network of lawyers and experts with whom we share the same values and attitude towards client relationships.

Legal Services and Pricing

While pricing competition continues, HK &Associés’ fees continue to be reasonable. Our billing methods are flexible and tailored to our clients’ circumstances. The value of our advisory services remains stable, and according to our clients, is one of the most stable in the legal market.

We make sure that our fees are specified from the onset of the client relationship or as soon as any initial actions are undertaken in a matter.


Over the course of the assignment, we provide regular updates on our work to our clients, in order to maintain full transparency on the billing of our services.
Our billing practices include set monthly fees (based on a steady volume of work) for institutional clients, flat fees (for recurring assignments requiring a volume of work that is consistently the same and easy to foresee) and results-based fees when we are generally in demand.

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